Shanel Marie was born in Los Angeles and raised all over Southern California. During her late teens and twenties she moved to New York City for eleven years before moving back to the West Coast in 2016.

Throughout the past decade, Shanel has worked in the performing arts, fashion, entertainment and photography industries. Through the mundanities of working life, she often looked to a more floral aesthetic for inspiration. She turned to this love of flowers as an outlet. Using items such as vintage tins and old mason jars as vessels, her floral arrangements began to translate into something unique and personal. Slowly others began to notice and started to request commissioned arrangements of their own. This demand on her flowers grew and blossomed into arrangements - SM Vintage Blooms.

Today, Shanel embodies her floral inspired world. Her passion for flowers has grown beyond arrangements and is incorporated into everything that surrounds her. Her floral company SM Vintage Blooms - blossomed into Shanel Marie Creative. Using her production, design and photography background, her floral and design work can be seen at events, weddings, parties, photo shoots, boutique stores and marketing avenues such as blogs, email blasts, ad banners and social media.

When she's not with fresh blooms, you can find her by the oven, baking alongside her two pups, watching cartoons with her husband, or nerding out over pandas and unicorns.